Who are we?

Intertotal are a leading provider of platforms for managing business applications. We are a passionate group of technologists who believe that technology should be for everyone and not just developers.

Intertotal was formed by a group of engineers with expert knowledge of Internet Technologies and security, with the aim of empowering people to have the tools required to run, manage and grow a modern business, no matter what the level of their technincal abilities.


Starting a new business is no easy task. Once you have a business idea, registered your company, got your company name and logo, you then need to start setting up the tools to tell people about that business, manage your customer details, your phone lines, your website, your email addresses. The list goes on... All of which means work which detracts from the primary reason for setting up that business in the first place, and in most cases more expense.

When you should just be getting on with running and growing your business.

Our mission

Our aim is to bring down the barrier to entry for people when it comes to provisioning the technology required to get a business off the ground.

As such we have createad an application which removes those barriers and takes away the pain of getting your website, email, ecommerce site, CRM, stock control, and finance systems up and running securley.

Business Anywhere is a cloud based, feature rich group of business management applications to suit businesses of all sizes. All securely installed, configured and integrated within a few simple clicks of a mouse.

Why should the latest Internet technologies only be for the tech savvy or for companies with large IT budgets?

No SSL certificates to purchase, no server configuration to do, no software installations or configuring of API's to get your business applications online and sharing your data.

It's as easy as installing apps on your phone.

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